Studio One 4.5.3 Input Signal Problem

Discussion in 'Studio One' started by Ahmet Soner Sancak, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm on MacOS and using Studio One Pro 4.5.3 version.
    When I select Input L on track, signal is showing on my audio interface but there is nothing inside of Studio One. I searched it on Google, some people tell that go System Pref/Security&Privacy/Microphone/ and click Studio One but there is nothing about Studio One. It doesn't seen on there. I'm using Studio One while it doesnt access to network and wrote some codes in Terminal (sudo xattr -rd + drag drop Studio One app) that I found on sites. Maybe it's causes because of this (Studio One doesn't seen on Security Privacy)

    I hope I can explain my problem to you. Please help me.
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  3. SOLVED!
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