'Storm Ripper'

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    Storm Ripper

    The Storm Ripper
    takes you by the hand
    and strips you to bare bones
    and essence.

    Nothing remains
    except the howling wind
    and waves that sweep in
    from the night
    scything down mounds
    of sand and rock,
    revealing treasures
    from the deep and things
    we do not know

    things that cannot be gathered
    in sacks and sold like dead fish
    in the market place.

    Blow Wild Storm!
    Howl Wild Wind!
    Sweep clean the path
    that leads me to my soul.

    Blow Wild Storm!
    Howl Wild Wind!
    Awaken the hearts
    of those whose love was
    buried at age two
    by bombs and grieving women
    and men who did not
    come back.

    Blow! Wild Storm!
    Howl! Wild Wind!

    Fill to fullness
    those who lie asleep
    in the mud of deep lakes
    and those who sit
    like ghosts in dusty corners
    waiting for your touch -
    while sacred images and
    whiskey dreams and
    earnest talk about all
    the storms that have ever been
    are shredded into nothing!

    You cannot close your door
    against this storm!

    There are no doors!
    There are no walls!
    There are no houses
    that will keep it out!

    Only caves
    and bending trees
    stripped of old leaves
    and those who
    dance wild dances
    under shining stars
    can meet this wind.

    One who is in this storm
    is naked - the same as it!

    As you howl Brother Storm
    so do I.