Stock DAW Sample Packs?

Discussion in 'Genre Specific Production' started by curtified, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Feb 3, 2015
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    Anyone know of what DAWs come with a great sample collection? Logic, & Garageband have great royalty free samples. Im looking to collect some factory samples to add to my pile of distractions. Preferably the samples should be in wav, or aif.
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    Sep 20, 2015
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    Almost every major DAW has a huge library full of great things. When you're choosing your DAW make sure to try them all and see what suits your needs, budget and workflow. Don't pay attention to what famous people, tutors and your friends use or whether they have shitload of content or not.

    Reaper and Mulab offer their software cheap without having a factory library like others.
    I know Ableton Live, Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Studio One, Reason, Pro Tools all have so much content. though some are focused in a specific category. for example Pro Tools has more effects cause main users use it for mixing and Ableton Live has more instruments cuz its main users are electronic music producers.

    So to recap, Nothing can beat Logic in the same price range.
    I don't think any DAW offers the same amount of free factory content it has (they usually have their ultimate version around $800 or so)
    Plus, most people don't care about factory library cuz they only need a DAW and like to use 3rd party plugins and samples.
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