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    OK I am so glad no one answered this, I just tried again and it worked! I changed nothing LOL, somehow it found my STEAM folder.


    So it says I need the STEAM folder in Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics, so I created a STEAM folder but my Mac has my Library not under Users/ but on the MacIntoshHD/,

    Do I have to move my Library file to Users/Username? I tired this but it did not really let me, so I just put an alias for Library under Users/Username/ but it still did not work.

    I looked at past threads but they all seemed to be for windows, but I did give permissions to 'everyone' to 'read and write' the STEAM and Spectrasonics folders.

    I have the software downloaded, and when I downloaded it it did not create a Spectrasonics folder in Application Support, I had to do that myself if that matters.

    Do you guys think I just downloaded the wrong audiosource/library and thats why the STEAM file doesn't work?

    Sorry this is like 50th thread on STEAM folders I know, but most seemed to be for windows.

    Also I want to say, I looked for hidden folders/copies.
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    There were loads of cracked install issues in threads, but even the legit installer for Omnisphere can be a pain in the dick. randomly.