Spitfire uses the same samples in all of its related libraries since Christ!

Discussion in 'Kontakt' started by jazzzz, Dec 29, 2018.


When did they record their samples?

  1. Before Christ

  2. After Christ

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    I do have the feeling that stuff like the Grid series and much of their "boutique", "artisan" etcs nonsense is just Paul Thompson making sure that they record the musicians warming up, just in case! :D I mean, genuinely I had a O___o wtf face at a lot of the LCO, felt very much like an update to Chamber at (very) best. I do like a lot of their "big" releases and I'm grateful to try all of them, obvs. They're fun to play with at least, mostly. I do get equally annoyed by the bugs and glitches and "analog drift" when you dare to jam for more than ten mins and use CCs a lot, tho. Which does seem replicated in similar ways, across libs. I appreciate what @Andrew said about there needing to be moar Pianoteq devs, fewer awful 8Dio old hacks / troels. Which Spitfire is in danger of becoming? It's not like they haven't got an endless supply of free $ to do Stringteq or Brassteq or even Guitarteq!
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    Man, do I hope you are never on the jury of a court case I argue! Good grief, whose lying? They're a company that puts out awesome sound libraries, and businesses sometimes withhold things that happen behind the curtain. Shocking! They're not a Pharmaceutical company.
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