Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Percussion Vol. 1

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    Bought it when it was released. The percussions itself are phenomenal. Most of the sounds you hear are pretty raw and by adding a Transient designer, Saturation and EQ, you'll get it fat and punchy in no time.

    The trick is to layers these percussions and you'll come out with some good range of percussion sounds. The stereo mix are good for lower computer systems and the newly added additional mics offers more sound sculpting (the B mic and the overhead mic are great).

    Anticipating Steve Lipson's mix and Hans Zimmer mentioned that Junkie XL will finish the most extreme version of all the sounds.

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    I've been eager to try the epic HZ01 - you can check out the outcome of this gargantuan library here (note that this is not an attempt at boasting, nor is it the best track to demonstrate the drums to the full):

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