Spitfire Audio The Spitfire Audio Annual Issue 1 - must have!?

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    At a whopping 264 pages, the heavy, ring-bound Annual boasts behind-the-scenes photography of the extraordinary Schimmel Piano factory and the hallowed Harbeth Speakers workshop, featured in the publication alongside original, playful works by creative duo Isabel + Helen and illustrator Jan Buchczik. Taking cues from the production of music scores, the in-house team has balanced exclusive, beautifully-commissioned stories and images with a specially-designed typeface to sit within its functional, minimal approach to design.

    Said co-founder Christian Henson: “There have been many surprises on this odyssey that is Spitfire Audio, an idea born in a pub in Soho with my business partner Paul over a decade ago. All enabled by our extended family, comprised of thousands of like-minded talented people around the world who have given us trust, belief and vital feedback. So, as with any proud family, we thought it only appropriate to create a family album — an Annual — as a memento of an incredible year that we have all shared together.”

    Available worldwide (prices include delivery)
    £25 (UK) / €35 (Europe) / $45 (Rest of World)

    246 pages
    2,018 copies
    Limited edition


    What do you think?
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    Most of their libs sound like they were recorded in a pub in Soho! Also (possibly) over a decade ago. *cough* *wheeze* *breathe* *splutter* *scratch* *wolf tone* *analog drift violin wtf* >____>

    I think it needs to have Paul Thompson breathlessly deliver a random, lame quip ("what the hell is the sul pont of this?", "Our next library is going to be called eNID, it will partner our curated, contemporary, modern, diverse, intimate AUD! re: range. And complete our old lady names lulbrary we did for a bet.") when you open it, a la birthday cards. Weird that his soothing voice (still) isn't used on more kids audiobooks, they'd rake in the cash...
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    I am tempted as I am a huge fan of spitfire. This would be obviously the 1st time that I would be able to buy something from them...
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    Do you think they should use Altiverb?
    Can we sample the sound of the pages turning or is it copyrighted already?:rofl:
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