SoundToys v5.3.1 Update

Discussion in 'Software News' started by playtime, Oct 31, 2019.

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    5.3.1 Update

    October 30, 2019

    • Fixed a bug in Little AlterBoy that could cause left and right channels to move slightly out of sync when used on a mono track in DAWs like Ableton and Cubase that process mono tracks in stereo.**
    • Fixed a similar left/right sync bug that could affect PrimalTap in “Freeze” mode.**
    • Improved parameter mapping for Resonance parameter in FilterFreak and PhaseMistress. This may very slightly change the sound of sessions that use automation on this parameter. If no automation is used on this parameter then all sessions should recall perfectly.
    • Smoothed out choppy animation on certain Retina displays.
    • Repaired window scaling problems in Windows on high DPI monitors, especially in Ableton and Studio One
    • Added MIDI triggering to PhaseMistress and EffectRack AAX.
    • Installer icons on Mac and PC should now show up more easily on a black background.
    • Mac installer supports light and dark mode.
    • New Remove Soundtoys utility on Mac lets you uninstall individual plug-ins more easily.
    ** These changes will affect the sound of audio in some sessions. You may want to bounce or freeze tracks if you want to keep the out-of-sync or phasey sound that may have occurred in previous versions.

    You can find SoundToys v5.3.1 installers in your account. Mix on :)
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    They dont seem to do much work over a year :)
    Is it 1 man?
    I was hoping for better graphics and some new tools.
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    they are an office, and its really weird they havent made anything new tbh, i was expect a plate reverb plugin bu now or a 'big' alterboy
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