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    An e-mail from Soundtoys guys...

    EchoBoy Jr. is now in your account.
    An update for EchoBoy was released today, and the new EchoBoy 5.2 installer now includes both EchoBoy Jr. and EchoBoy. Because you already own a license for EchoBoy 5, we went ahead and deposited a license for EchoBoy Jr. into your iLok account.

    You can log into your Soundtoys account to download the updated installer for EchoBoy 5. After installing the update and opening your host application, a prompt to activate EchoBoy Jr. will appear. For more comprehensive activation instructions, please click here.

    Based on our acclaimed and industry-standard EchoBoy delay plug-in, EchoBoy Jr. has the same sonic character and some distinct features of its own. We packed the quality, utility, and flexibility that pros love about the original best-selling EchoBoy into a single creative tool designed for ease and simplicity. Behind a streamlined set of controls are seven of the most desirable and iconic echo emulations of all time.

    We hope you enjoy this new plug-in!


    Team Soundtoys

    The EchoBoy is not the only update was released today.
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