Sonarworks Offers High-Definition Studio Headphone Calibration Plugin

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    Sonarworks have developed high-definition studio headphone calibration that will finally allow sound professionals
    to achieve ultimate accuracy towards the reference of their choice via headphones. It will also make collaboration
    over distance sonically predictable and allow users to get the same accurate sound on the go.

    Here's the story...

    This is achieved by using a unique patent pending measurement technology that delivers data that illustrates how
    the music would be heard by real people through a set of headphones. After the measurement is done, a high-resolution
    calibration curve is generated and used by the DAW plug-in to compensate each and every frequency response dip
    and curve.

    Sonarworks offers average calibration curves for a variety of headphone models, presently including seven popular
    models from AKG and Sennheiser among others. However ultimate precision can only be achieved by using individual
    calibration for each set of headphones. This eliminates sample-to-sample variations that are bound to introduce
    some deviation from frequency response target curve.

    In addition to a highly accurate frequency response, the Sonarworks plug-in allows mixing and mastering engineers
    to control the sound reference and emulate the sound of other headphones or speakers. This feature is useful for
    double-checking how the mix would sound on other systems. The plug-in also allows for a consistent sound across
    many studio rigs. This helps tremendously when collaborating over distance. The software also enables extra mobility
    when working with a DAW on a laptop, reference sound is available wherever you are.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sonarworks is currently offering a free 21-day trial of the Sonarworks Reference plug-in so that users may try
    headphone calibration and test average model curves for a selection of up to seven headphone models.

    This list can be viewed on the company website: HERE
    During plug-in trial full functionality is enabled and after the trial it is possible to buy a license for 70 EUR | 92.26 USD

    For those who require ultimate precision, Sonarworks offers the DAW plug-in bundled with two models of individually
    calibrated headphones:

    Sonarworks plug-in + Sony MDR-7506: 170 EUR | 224.07 USD
    Two licences of Sonarworks plug-in + AKG K712 Pro - 430 EUR | 566.77 USD)

    For hobbyists looking for an affordable entry into reference sound, Sonarworks offers a special set. It is comprised of
    Superlux HD681 headphones, a correction curve averaged from numerous HD681 headphone measurements, and a
    Lite version of the plugin which will support correction curve only for the bundled model.

    Full bundles or separate licenses can be purchased online HERE

    More INFO: | Sonarworks Plug-in
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    Where the sun doesn't shine.
    This will be really cool, I guess like Focusrite VRM, when they include more headphones and more environments. More Beyerdynamic, Zenheiza, and AKG phones please like DT100/150/770/880, K240/270/500, HD280/380. *yes* They should take in account versions with different impedances, too: less ohm=more bassy, more ohm=more linear. I buy 600 ohm cans whenever I can. :wink:
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    The ARC system for cans, surprised it's taken so long for something like this to be available, I like the VRM use of different environments, not sure what use simulating another pair of headphones would be to me though
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