Sonar/Acustica Project Migration to New Workstation

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    So, finally I have been granted enough time to begin the "PC upgrade" which ultimately became "build a completely new PC". So after going through Acustica licensing fun (no clear way to authorize Nebula 3 Pro shown on their web site, Gold went without a hitch though) and the plugin reinstallation adventure, I finally get to a point where I can load up an old project.
    I am using Sonar (not the bandlab version).
    My project data on the old system was located on a RAID Mirror with 2 1 TB drives. I backed up the Cakewalk Project Data folder to an external HDD using normal file copy methods, broke the mirror, and removed one of the drives and put it in the new system. I had to initialize it in the new system (I suspect due to it being a different RAID controller on the new motherboard), and copied the Project Data folder back to the drive.
    I navigated to a project in explorer, and opened it.
    Of course Sonar complains about several missing plugins that I forgot. That's ok, lets see how it runs anyways as the tracks are all frozen, and the busses are all bounced. Then I noticed that the plugin settings in Gold are all at their default values, not the settings I had last used in the project.
    Why would this occur? I had assumed plugin settings would be saved with each project in the project file.
    Has anyone got anything helpful to share with this? I really wanted to go back in and tweak some things and see how/if I could at least run the busses and master bus live instead of having to bounce everything. I really don't want to re-engineer the projects again if it can be avoided.
    Is it possibly because I haven't changed the default Cakewalk project folder back to the Music Data drive?
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