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    Hi Guys im following this community quite for a while but made a account i believe last year and i enjoy it everytime im here, so many nice people and interesting stuff to read. So my thought was to give something back but at the moment im finishing a lot of bigger projects for my self. So i thought to show the diversity (and quality improvement from what i have learned (a lot of it here plus creative input) so far i will try to start a thread with all my Alter Ego´s and musical projects i have already released online to my newest productions in the future. Thx for your time to listen to it =) Thx to the community and all people who helped me =) ( I started with soundforge 4 / reason 2 and ableton 4 back from 1998 to 2004 but i started releasing music in the early 2012s for you info).

    Name: Selchstrom

    2012: Phantom Power of the Opera (5 Songs)

    Some more Videos to music from Selchstrom:


    NYOD (New Year´s Overdose) is a Project where me and a friend of mine dont celebrate the new year and party no we met us in real life or online and make 4 Songs that day including the mix (suffers sometimes but thats the mission) and release them on the first day of the new year. It is mor arty and not a typical musical genre like hiphop, rock electro or edm..

    The Rest from the Selchstrom Account are Electro Remixes, my favorite song is Selchstrom Cascade.. but there are some songs missing cause sony forced me to set them offline which is okay for me, today i dont need samples or stuff like in these days to make music because i learned music theories and arrangment and songwriting techniques to write the music alone.


    2016: Phantom Genius (down on the website and some solo songs)

    Name: Delusional DIsguise

    This was a story we have written and then tried to find and or make music to it as a soundtrack. It didnt had to be self composed (i mean without sampling) music so this as in my oppinion all the other work you have listened before is with a few minor exceptions not good in way of composing it or how it is mixed. But writing a story and finding the right emotions was what i learned from this project. And that helped me to improve further to make music where i record guitarists and spend time on mixing or playing vst instruments and sound design them but not sample from songs or sample packs anymore.

    This is only the downpitched song from Kavinsky - Nightcall with old Vhs edits and the track was recorded to a Cassette players and played back slowly =)

    Dont remember that samples..

    Name: Starlight Distraction

    2017 & 2018 is music i have to finish (there are a lot more song and projects but i have a fulltime job beside making music so i can´t release more because now i want to have a higher quality in composing music and mixing/mastering it.

    Some release i made on Spotify for those who are willing to donwload or make a account for it, sorry i can´t provide them otherwise.

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    Good show on the output... Interesting read too!
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    I second this.. Interesting read ! Thanks for sharing your music.
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    I like it's bohemian vibe. Put it on spotify for me.