So EDM is NOT Just for Raves?

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    I think it's more a case of everybody is human, but our bodies process things in different ways. Certain people drop dead after eating nuts, because their bodies can't handle the chemical make up of them, so why do people expect drugs to be any different. Educating yourself is so important, as there's so many bogus myths around, like the water one.

    Had to deal with a couple of those in my clubbing days, when they started to freak out a little. People would come and find me to deal with them.
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    You can die from drinking about 3 gallons of water/day if your not in the desert or a professional football player actively exercising. A kid did die from MDMA/meth, at a concert but, deaths from all illicit drugs is nothing compared to the pharmacopoeia. The funniest way to die to me though is the guy that farted himself to death in a closed space, a close runner up was the couple that humped themselves to death inside a helium balloon not noticing they were suffocating.

    I actually was surprised MDMA was a type of amphetamine, given the reports of ppl that take it.

    @Teknomage Ok, Watched Human Traffic. I liked the slang and differing dialects of English spoken, and I appreciate that Brits or the EU in general are on the vanguard of seeing the world and their place in it clear enough that it begs escape, at least for a little while. I can't give a good overall review cause I'm a little wacky now, finding out by attorney my youngest son is in hospital again (I'm watching a slow motion car crash, with a cop with a gun to my head saying "you can't help" so I'm not thinking straight today). I enjoyed the movie.

    Today I got from my government health insurance coverage (sic) this letter in the mail today, and I thought it's inappropriateness was fitting:
    Now anyone over 21 years old, if it results in sterilization can get their gender changed for free.
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