Should I turn off my studio speakers?

Discussion in 'DJ equipment' started by Highdom, Sep 2, 2017.

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    I have a pair of KRK Rokit 6 in my studio and I realize that they automatically turn off if there's no input signal after a while. My question could be stupid but...when i got to sleep or when I don't use the speakers, should I turn them off or I can keep them turned on (so they will be turn off automatically after minutes)?

  3. I have the older KRK V6 and find them to be quite alright, but if for no other reason turn them off when I am not in front of them because they have a rude low buzz self noise that is a little crazy making. I hope your's are silent unlike mine, but if even they are, wasting electricity is...wasteful and hurtful to all. Just shut it down when you are not using them, like a room at night that you are not in. It makes sense to leave the lights burning for no reason other than for convenience sake which is just laziness. The only thing that might be ok to leave on is your converters as they operate better when all warmed up, something like analog oscillators that need time to warm up and so stay in tune. Even then, just give them a little time before recording keepers. Why not get a channel strip and have everything running off of that so all you need do is flip one switch and it's lights out for the whole shebang! Easy peasy.
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    I bought an American DJ PC-100A. It's a rackmount switch panel with 8 switchis on the front corresponding to 8 outlets on back. One for each powered speaker. 5.1 plus stereo pair. Works great and was only $30.
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