Sharing Some Peaceful Digital Abstract Art / Album Cover Art Work For Visual Pleasure

Discussion in 'Our Art' started by Dee.P.Tree, Jul 25, 2017.

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    Hello AS Community,

    We all know that we are here to share, learn and discuss mainly about Music and Audio related topics, but sometimes art scholars consider visual art as inspirational art form to juce up creativity.

    It should not be neglected by musicians and audio professionals.

    Both art form - Audio and Visual Art - are closely related with each other. That's why we have "Album Art" or "Album Cover" and "Music Videos".

    So, I am starting this thread to share our art work. If you like, you may share art work by other artists too, which you enjoyed, by giving proper credit to the creator.

    I always enjoyed visual art form in addition to audio art. Some times I try to make too... using digital means as hobby.

    Here are some of them posted on my Instagram page. :)

    Such abstract art brings peace and happiness to me. I am sharing my peace and happiness with AS community . :mates:

    Enjoy these Abstract Art Work...!

    Thank you. :bow:

    Let me know what you feel about theem. :mates:

    Waiting see your inspirational art posts in this thread. :like:
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