Seperating Waves into seperate folders (EQ, reverb etc)

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    How do you move the separate dll files into folders like eq, reverb, etc? on a few tutorial videos from big name producers ive seen this done so all the waves eqs are together, all the waves compressors are together and so on and so on.. how is this done? ive just got waveshell files in Ableton at the moment..
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    Now especially in Ableton you can do it in one way like I did:

    You have to decide what "Categories" you would like to have.
    In my case is:

    1 Drums
    2 VST
    3 VSTi
    4 MasterChannel
    5 MIDI tricks

    So when you are browsing your Ableton "Places" "Categories" Sounds/Drums/Max for Live/Plug-ins...etc
    and you find something useful and cool and you don't want to search for it all the time then you select that thing (it can be anything for example: Ableton Drum Rack you like, VST or VSTi plugin, wav loop...) and you press a number key on your keyboard (1-2-3-4-5-6-7.....)

    And from that moment the selected object will be in that category "Collection"

    So for me it'"s like: I have in my "Drums" XLN Addictive 2, EZDrummer, Formaggio Kit.adg (Ableton's built in Drum Rack Preset)

    So in my case if I find something cool or I install something new then I will put into my "Collection" for example I install "Plugin Boutique Scaler" then I will browse it in "Ableton's Plug-ins" tab then I click on the plugin and I press "5" on my keyboard because I want it to add to my "MIDI tricks" Collection.

    It's going to have it's own color and that's it.

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