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Discussion in 'DJ equipment' started by kingjamm, Nov 7, 2014.

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    Sep 3, 2012
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    Good day guys... :)
    So, I'm thinking of getting myself my first DJ Controller...
    I never DJ'd before, but I was able to do some scratching with 1pc turntable and the crossfader from
    one of my midi controllers. :)
    So, I was thinking of a controller that could serve me well both in scratching and somewhat EDM way too,
    and by EDM way I really mean mixing, not ghost mixing lol.... (Damn Hilton)
    So yah.... here's the sitch...
    I already owned a Maschine MK1, I was planning to get a DJ Controller that it's software could utilize Maschine,
    Obviously N.I. Traktor was the answer, so I had my eye on the Traktor S2....
    But I was thinking.... I might like it better if I could get something cheaper that works with Maschine too...
    But so far, the gears I've searched like Pioneer DDJ-SB and the Numark Mixtrack works with Serato or VDJ...
    on Serato I am 100% sure it doesn't sync well, there are a lot of things to do for it to work, meanwhile I have 0 clue if it works with VDJ....

    So yah...

    Main thing...
    any suggestions for a DJ Controller within a budget of the Traktor S2 or less...
    Works with Maschine MK1...
    Scratching for hiphop, and EDM Mixing purposes...

    Currently my eyes are on the S2 so... yah....
    Will wait for some suggestions guys, I'm just really new into DJing, I just produce is all I do... :)
    Might not DJ as a career but mostly for house events and family parties hehe...
    (Please no hate on my purpose, I don't want to make a career out of DJ'ing "yet" coz' people around might say I'm just going with what's in, well I'm not,
    it just so happen that I've been being asked to DJ for quite a while, and all I bring is my korg microkey 25 and the Maschine.)
    Thanks guys. ^_^

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    The matrix
    ive been a dj a few times just for fun.
    all i used was traktor software and a laptop
    its looks cool and did a great job for everyone there.
    alot of my old friends had decks but always ended up selling them
    for half the price,so if you are geting hardware look out for a bargain
    as there are lots out there,but you can't go wrong with there software.
  4. kingjamm

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    Sep 3, 2012
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    Had a bad experince with bargains but, I would try too tho...
    Specially for me, the price of the traktor is too much but worth it. :)
    But you can't really deny it, there are percs buying from a good store.
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