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    A Secret Weapon From the 70s
    The Micromoog is a seriously underrated vintage synth, containing virtually the same filter as the original Minimoog. And honestly, its oscillators and filter have 1000x more character than any modern Moog, including the Voyager. It's an aged, slightly unstable American VCO - powerful, rich, and capable of everything from thick and smooth to downright dirty and brash. The synth's been used by Air, Stereolab, Kraftwerk, and Herbie Hancock who's seen on this album cover choosing it over some serious contenders.


    The Process
    We captured this synth at both its cleanest and dirtiest settings, recording long modulations, sweeping filters, and as many waveshapes as humanly possible. With the help of a tape machine, various tube devices, API & Neve preamps, hardware saturation, EQ and modern moog filters, we took it out of the 70s and into new sonic territory. Once digitized, it was further transformed into a stunning soft synth, capable of gorgeous pads, classic moog leads and basses, cosmic FX, italo arpeggiators, deep house chords and more.


    Kontakt 5.5
    We created a stunning, fully customized 3 page GUI with hi pass / low pass filter, 2 ADSRs, two custom delays (sync and non-sync), 1 custom reverb, two tunable oscillators each containing 30 unique hardware patches, noise, 3 separate LFOs, a 10 pattern, 16 step arpeggiator / sequencer with keyboard input, glide, global bypass and more.
    • Each oscillator contains 30 unique multi-sampled Micromoog patches
    • 36 Preset Multi Patches - Pads, Leads, Arps, Basses, Intervals and more
    • Bass Station style arpeggiator lets you step input notes via midi keyboard, with per-step velocity, 10 real-time switchable patterns, shuffle, and adjustable pattern length / rate
    • 3 separate LFOs for filter, pitch and volume
    • Effects feature EQs, filters and saturation for additional color and vintage vibe
    • Further fine-tune FX with rate, feedback, hi cut and stereo widening
    • 1 GB unzipped

    Ableton Live 9.5

    • 30 Fully Mapped Simpler Instruments
    • Gorgeous poly synths, dirty acid bass, smooth leads, cosmic FX, Italo style arpeggiators, punchy chords, sweeping pads and more
    • Deep FX racks with delays, reverbs, pitch shifters, choruses, EQs, saturators and more
    • One master simpler with 30 chains and minimal FX for those who like it raw and analog
    • Perfect for Push or any midi controller
    • 1.5 GB unzipped

    Logic EXS / Reason NN-XT / SFZ / HALion / Structure

    • 30 Fully Mapped Instruments
    • Gorgeous poly synths, dirty acid bass, smooth leads, cosmic FX, Italo style arpeggiators, punchy chords, sweeping pads and more
    • 900 MB unzipped

    Introducing price: $34 instead of $44

    More infos: Samples From Mars | Micro From Mars
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