Samples From Mars releases: DX From Mars for Kontakt

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    An Old Skool Classic Redefined

    The DX was a drum machine produced in 1983, which, along with its big brother, the DMX, was used on many hit records of that era (most notably New Order's "Blue Monday"). In addition to 80s pop, it was widely used on many house / new wave jams 80s Hip Hop, and even the early digital era of reggae.

    The DX delivers a huge, acoustic / electronic drum sound akin to the Linndrum, Drumtrax and 707 (but fuller sounding). Thick, punchy, and sits well in any mix.

    We multi-sampled it to 1/4" tape through classic preamps, hardware saturation and Apogee conversion, transforming it into a feature rich Kontakt instrument, Ableton 9 drum rack, Maschine Kit and Logic EXS patches.


    The sound of the Kontakt instrument is insane and the sequencer makes for fun, intuitive programming - I prefer both the sound and sequencing of the Kontakt instrument to the original machine (seriously).

    • Extensive real time control of parameters for every drum voice such as: analog tape pitch, hardware saturation, transient designer, drive, reverb, delay, EQ, parallel compression, and Analog mode.
    • 32 step 8 track sequencer with 10 real-time switchable patterns, real-time pattern length adjustment, accent, shuffle, and more.
    • 8 outputs, midi learn, sequence learn, and more.
    • All samples recorded to tape, processed with 100% analog hardware.
    • 800x 24bit WAV Samples – Kick, Snare, Toms, Clap, Shaker, HH, & Crash.
    • 28 WAV Loops @ 120 BPM created with an Elektron Octatrack.
    • WAVs Compatible with any DAW / Sampler.
    • Compatible with Kontakt 5.2 and up (not Kontakt Player).
    • You also get: Ableton, Maschine, Logic & WAV versions.
    • 660 MB.

    DX From Mars for Kontakt is available for purchase for $49 USD

    More INFO: Samples From Mars | DX From Mars
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