Roland TB303/808 MIDI KIT advices

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    Hi guys!
    I'm lucky to have those beasts but I have to say, the 303 is a wild thing to manage.
    At the moment, the way I'm using those is recording them onto Ableton Live .the sync is done by the SBX 1 from the same brand: working like a charm but the 303 is really special to make it sounds in a way I want.
    My question is anyone of you has one of those or both with a MIDI KIT(kenton,quicksilver....)?
    I checked already and found KENTON:
    It seems serious...I have to send the machines over there ( :unsure:) but at least, if I could have some feedback about them or any others that you experienced/own/tried..I saw also certain kits to mount yourself; don't know if I should try the DIY....
    Does it worth it?
    Thanks for any helpful comment.
    Here is a pix of the "family".... I admit: I got a collector symptom:winker:

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