Roger Linn Design discontinues AdrenaLinn Sync

Discussion in 'Software News' started by Kookaboo, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Here and there.

    Roger Linn Design discontinues AdrenaLinn Sync

    Roger Linn has posted this statement on their AdrenaLinn Sync webpage:

    "Note: As of April 22, I (Roger) am no longer selling AdrenaLinn Sync. Why?
    First, I've been waiting three years for our development partner Way Out Ware to deliver a working 64-bit AU version that can be installed in Mac OS Yosemite. Second, our copy protection provider Nalpeiron has informed us that as of this year, they are more than tripling their annual fee to $5000 (not including per-license fees), which is much more than we earn from sales of AdrenaLinn Sync. So I give up. If you own a license for AdrenaLinn Sync, your existing installations will continue to work fine but I'm sorry to report that after May 10, you won't be able to install AdrenaLinn Sync on a new computer. It's a shame because I think AdrenaLinn Sync is a very inspiring musical processor."

  3. One Reason

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    Where I dont want to be
    oh well
  4. Mykal

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    I'm Right Behind You
    Whoa!! Not a big fan of Sync but to see one of the Top hardware\plugin & sound designers in the world get a product crushed like this is a shame, I hope this is not a future trend
  5. tommyzai

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    This is very sad.
  6. DanteUruzu

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    Sounds like the copy protection provider is crazy! It's a shame that the prices for CP is so high. What's even worse is that users who want to install to a new computer can no longer do so. So, if they get a new PC or something and want to install the plugin... they're pretty much fucked. Shame. Makes me trust CP even less now.
  7. copylefter

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    I think I'll be starting a company to provide protection solutions.
    Who think that dongle and other invasive 3rd party CP solutions are ok should really read this, and stop a minute thinking about it,
    maybe they realize how much they're paying for the protection licensing costs on top of the actual product price.

    Nalpeiron is known to be a shitty (really obtrusive!) protection, and it get kinda easily cracked too, very good result for a 5000$/year. Criminal bastards. :snuffy:
    WayOutWare took ages to port their own stuff to 64, and not even all of their products afaik, not a good company to rely on for sure.

    What an insane shit, so sad to hear that :(
    I wonder if he could find a good indy company to do the x64 porting keeping the costs bearable, let alone the protection.
    I can make him a decent CP scheme for a couple hundred bucks if he want (or even for free if it's needed to avoid going out of business),
    that is surely more challenging than Nalpeiron shit at this point *yes*
    (is a 3rd party protection and like all 3rd party solutions, including most dongles, is vulnerable to "crack one crack all" attacks, not reliable anymore after it got cracked once)

    With some common sense he should at least make a last unprotected build so existing customers
    can install the software they payed for on a new machine in future. I'm not sure how Nalpeiron is implemented developer side though,
    maybe is even one of those crap when a part of the protection process (packing?) is done at CP provider side and the dev must rely on them.
    But there's also to see if there's no licensing obligation with Nalpeiron, like PACE do.
    With some companies, if you sign to use their shit, you're dead. :snuffy:
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