Rewire Bidule in Pro Tools 10

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by nikon, Feb 17, 2014.

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    I make showcase of rewire bidule with PT10.

    There is no sound, unfortunately I can't play any midi key because I have cpu spikes with PT10 + bidule + Screencastomatic :( so my win freezes on any sound when screen recording is on.

    Completely one hour I try to figure out how this works and I finally realize catch :) at instrument option bidule midi in is show as bus1-1, bus1-2 etc.. that's the catch, because I expected bidule midi ch 1, bidule midi ch 2 etc...

    There is one more thing, for using with PT in bidule we must set option:

    Edit -> Prefernces -> Rewire -> Use alternate rewire bridge (check)

    also, I must add registry key (DWORD 32bit)

    and set it to "1" because of crash when exiting from PT. Probably the problem is with virtual midi port's bidule created in PT when in rewire, and on closing do not delete it.
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