[REVIEW] Cinesamples - CineStrings Core

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    Who can afford to: "at least a try, because Cinestrings in spite of all its issues, has potential"!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for detailed review though... my ears tell me it serves a purpose. None of the string libraries suit every situation. They all have weaknesses and their strengths as well. That's why, when we composer for film, trailers and video game... it's imperative to blend several libraries TOGETHER and draw out the details each one is known for.

    Unfortunately... it requires a person to own all of the great ones or at the VERY LEAST, 3 distinctly different string libraries.

    Hollywood (more so than NY) is famous for using the "it sounds MIDI" comment at the end of each audition session. I loved it when I presented an actual piece played by live orchestra mixed in with my MIDI mock-ups only for them to tell me the REAL one sounded MIDI!!!
    I then showed them the studio and session invoices and they quickly turned red and apologized for their assumption... that was also the day, they realized they needed to woodshed their listening and hearing chops.
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