Review: Cello Ibrida by PulseSetter-Sounds

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    Sample Library Review contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Cello Ibrida by PulseSetter-Sounds
    "PulseSetter-Sounds have a way of taking interesting sound sources and squeezing something epic out of them. With Cello Ibrida, PulseSetter-Sounds have taken a traditional instrument – the cello – and have picked it, plucked it, and pulsed it into something unique and useful for both scoring and trailer work. Combined with hardware synth sound sources and a great Kontakt engine, Cello Ibrida is a great addition to your toolkit."

    Big thanks to Pulse-Setter Sounds for the SLR exclusive code.
    GET an additional 25% OFF w/code "SLR-Cello25" here:

    Cello Ibrida normally sells for $149 from Pulse-Setter Sounds:
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    Very nice library!
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