Review: Berlin Orchestra created with Berklee by Orchestral Tools

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    Orchestral Tools signals a radical change in what to expect from an entry-level orchestral instrument. Curated with the same sample set as the acclaimed Berlin series of sample libraries, Berlin Orchestra comes with everything you need for creating authentic orchestrations with a proven sample set that has served professionals for years.

    In this video, we check out Berlin Orchestra to get a feel for the output and hear the instruments in action. See full written review here:

    Berlin Orchestra created with Berklee normally sells for €849 (Special intro price of €649 until September 22, 2021) from Orchestral Tools:
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    i pulled the trigger buying EWQL Opus instead of this .. since this library is out of my pocket :( it's nice but i just need to be realistic
    thanks for the review sir!
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    OT Berlin Strings have always been one of the Best, and most Deeply Sampled instruments Ever..

    However I never loved the Mix (panning/mics), and the uber-reflective Teldex Hall just killed the deal for me..
    (Teldex may work better for Brass or maybe Perc, but for Strings/Woods it's really not my cup..)

    So it's just not the type of sound that I crave for, but If you like the Hall/Mix,
    they could indeed be the Best strings one could get..

    I personally prefer Audiobro's MSS,
    there's still many areas where it could improve, like the stock EQ presets, the shy Vibrato,
    and the overall level of complexity that getting the best sound requires.
    (there's so much dynamic controls it takes a good amount of fiddling..)

    But in terms of Tone, Mix and the Hall/Space they were recorded in,
    they're pretty much spot-on for my taste..

    They arguably lack a bit of the Detail/Texture/presence that LASS had.
    But it's a very good compromise nonetheless, and I guess one could always dial in a bit of those LASS Shorts,
    which are Magnificent (yet dry as a bone) on their own..

    They also improved a Lot with the latest update,
    which adds a Lookahead function that solves many of the speed/timing problems/difficulties it had,
    kinda like what CSS does on the legatos, but for the entire track.. this improved their quality/value considerably imo.

    I don't know about EWQL Opus/Strings, how it sounds, since it seems it has been partly/fully re-recorded or "reimagined",
    but even with their traditional ewql problems (bright, etc) they could still be one of the Best..

    Probably better than the Spitfire offerings (for my taste), which tend to be quite Distant/Undefined,
    have excessive/bad Vibrato, sometimes lack articulations (like Staccato on SSS Violins/Violas), or plain suck (like Celli/Bass on SSS)..

    At this I consider Studio Strings, their Best offering, followed by Chamber and then Symphonic,
    but ofc each one offers a different type sound/production..
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