Remove Maschine 2 Library from Massive's browser?

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    Is it possible to remove the "Maschine 2 Factory Library" from Massive's browser?

    The reason is that it always expands when switching to that view, and it is above Massive's own library.
    I am just beginning to explore this old synth and don't expect great browsing capability, but this 'expanding Maschine Library " is annoying.

    I don't see right off a registry entry that makes Massive see the Machine 2 Factory Library.
    If I uninstall the Machine 2 Factory Library it is removed from Massive's browser.
    If i just rename the Machine 2 Factory Library it remains in Massive's browser, but does NOT expand, so that is a workaround. (Massive creates a new empty directory there of : Maschine 2 Library\Sounds )

    I thought it was expanding because there is a directory section of sounds called "Massive Sounds" and they ARE Massive presets, but no...
    The only subdirectory in Maschine's Factory Library that is displayed is the one named "Sounds", and that contains only .mxsnd files that Massive can't use.

    Another workaround is to copy all the presets to another location with a name higher in order than "Maschine".
    I did that already with all the extra Ni Presets that came with the installer. Named it "All Ni Extras"
    I also created a folder "3rd Party Presets' and the same method works for Factory ones as well.
    (Apparently Ni is not "Windows compatible" as it does not treat symlinks properly and instead reads "through" the indicated path and uses the actual directory andname, making it impossible to avoid moving directories)

    But I wonder if anyone knows about this or has any insight. Thanks!
    [Windows 10 - Massive 1.5.9 CE-V.R]
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