Reccomend Loop packs for testing plugins

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    Can anyone reccomend me some diverse loop packs to test new plugins with? There are several reasons for this.

    1. I find testing it on my work makes me question the planned direction of my works in progress and in a lot of cases hinders my ability to visualise what I had originally intended for the song

    2. Many plugins I have do the same thing

    3. In relation to point no.2 I'm trying to cut down on bloatware and only want plugins that I feel are needed.

    4. There can be a lot of fun with learning new techniques or testing out peoples theories in reguards to mixing.

    If anyone could name some packs with a diverse range of genres and sounds, I'd appreciate it.

    Note: Please try not to suggest packs that have been over compressed or processed to oblivion, it will defeat the purpose of the task at hand.

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