REAPER Routing Issues. Please help.

Discussion in 'Reaper' started by notremid, Nov 8, 2016.

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    So I am facing these problems and would appreciate some insight-

    Here's the issue-

    a. I create a track with MIDI data using a vsti and use the "Explode MIDI item by pitch note" command to separate each element into individual tracks (I am programming drums mostly) so that I can process them separately. (eg. compress only the kick or reverb on only the snare)

    b. But I face two problems now-
    1.) I cannot freeze or render the individual tracks (eg. freeze only the kick drum track). If I do the clip just disappears(freeze) or becomes a silent audio file (render)

    2.) I cannot "send" the output of any of these exploded tracks (eg. I want to send only the snare to a reverb buss track). This is my main problem.

    Some Vsts like Kontakt, Suerior Drummer etc allow multiple-output and that makes it easy to route stuff. But is there any way I can configure my other virtual instruments to make them multi-out as well?

    This is pretty frustrating. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  3. noise.maker

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  4. sham69

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    HI there,

    I'm no expert here, but you may tell us

    1/ which VSTi you are using for your drums,

    2/ It's not you or reaper that will make a VSTi handling multi-outputs,

    it had to be done by the developper, then if it's the case you have to configure the routing in Reaper.

    That being said, I never use the "Explode MIDI item by pitch note" command,

    I am mainly using Kontakt and decide to use one track by patches/nki, that way I don't have to configure anything

    and if I am programming drums or percussions and want to mix one "sound" individually I just copy some items on new track(s) with the same nki, them mute "notes" accordingly in items, hopes it's clear enough.
  5. jaganshi

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    The problem is that you are splitting the input MIDI signal, rather than the output audio signal. Regardless of the number of input, they all sum before triggering your Vsti. Therefore, you need to find a way to split the output signal to different channels, e.g. Kick to 1-2, Snare to 3-4, by either using different Vsti/Patch for each sound, or different output channel for each sound if your Vsti allows it.
  6. tulamide

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    It isn't very difficult, you only need to understand what you're doing. As jaganshi said, you're splitting the midi signal per note. You are not changing the midi channel nor change any audio setting. So, each of your drum sounds are still outputted to 1&2.
    But instead of thinking in complex routing patterns, just do this:
    1) Solo an individual midi track.
    2) Render the track to a new audio track (render, not freeze)
    3) Repeat until all tracks are rendered.
    4) Activate your fx of choice to the newly rendered, seperated audio tracks.
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