Really nice trick if doing resampling sound design sessions then go back and cherry pick samples

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    After i go back over these "MudPie" sound design sessions where ive been recording/resample for long periods of time, I recently had over 100 usable selections. But know what do i do with all these samples? Should i do this resampling in a song im already working on? do i just keep them on the " chopping board" or scrub through and find what i like? I want to be able to collect all the samples and basically render them all so that i can go into my browser and preview each at will. But how? Well, someone gave me a great response to this question.

    Presuming you chopped them in Arrangement view, you can select all (Ctrl + A or Cmd + A) and drag them to Session view (drag to the view switch button, then to a track). That will put all the discrete clips on separate scenes in Session view.
    If you want to save them all to separate files, just select all the clips (in any view) and right-click and select "crop". Then go to your project folder in the browser and look for the "processed" folder, that's where all your clips will be.
    Consolidate will re-render the clips normalized to 0dB and at your current sample rate. It will also combine all selected clips together. But it will save them to new files. I'd suggest you don't do that, unless that's what you want to do. You never need to crop and consolidate, just one or the other.
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