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Discussion in 'Selling / Buying' started by ampfite, May 11, 2020.

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    Mar 15, 2020
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    hey everyone
    I posted few time ago WTB superior drummer 2.

    my first interaction here was with obvious scammer.
    so I believe unfortunately market could be flooded with them.
    I have enough experience in buy/sale/trading on different market platform.
    so I created this topic that could be very helpful especially for newbies
    sharing my thoughts and recommendation so they won't fall in to the hand of such scammers.

    after couple of hours of posting my topic WTB SD2 i received email from one member:
    1. 0 Messages
    2. PM's message so he obviously trying to stay anonymous as much as possibly.
    3. his message. seems like perfect promotions of someone.
    4. given email address was seems like randomly created

    I already was convinced 95% its all about scam. but decided Lets Get In Some ACTION :).
    I emailed him from random email.





    1. screenshot of the programs instead of any evidence of license ownership.
    with a bit more creativity he could posting Washer and naming it B-Washer Reverb Plugin in wet condition its absolutely on the same level ))
    2. He expose too much personal detail to make you think he's legit open person who got nothing to hide in reality its all randomized details.
    3. unnecessary vocabulary like "excellent condition, I am the original owner" which provide 0 information but for some could sound very Attractive.

    he EASY lowers his price from $150 → $50. such things should instantly highlight red flag.

    no reply anymore.....
    I could assume its because hes inspired by my current post and makes a picture of his Washer right now ))

    last step is very important.
    if he is a real member who sale anywhere around,
    he should have some involvement in community and better have feedback from other members

    even better if he got some feedback from buyers with great reputation so you could count on
    their feedback.
    you could optionally kindly PM them asking their opinion on specific member.
    most of the time they will response and share their thoughts if you ask them in UNOBTRUSIVE CORRECT RESPECTFUL manner.

    for scammer its easy to create multiple accounts and leave himself as much feedback as
    he want but he won't bother to develop account his aim is fast easy money with minimum effort!!

    NEVER USE Friends & Family = NO PROTECTION if you get scammed.
    ONLY CHOOSE Paying for an item or service.
    if seller accept payment only as F&F or try to convince you to choose F&F its red flag.

    Hope it was helping I just want audiosex to be a better place. Peace [​IMG]
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