Question about new library on older versions of Kontakt

Discussion in 'Kontakt' started by Jay Hurricane, Mar 15, 2019.

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    HI to All Guys! days ago i created a my library samples with Kontakt 5.8 on my pc..
    i exported the library on my pad with kontakt 5.7 and the message was my version of Kontakt is old..
    Now..the samples are the same the structure of the two Kontakt are exactly the same ..
    only something on the code was changed but the functions, the midi relations ,the commands and the language are exactly the same..
    My question is : if possible to create a patcher that change the version of Kontakt in the (i think) nki file?
    For example if is written this library was created with Kontakt 5.8, the patcher rewrites this line of code changing it into in Kontakt 5.3..
    is the nki file that says to the Kontakt which is the structure of the library which command effects and other things like that are create by the user and "says" this library was created with Kontakt version etc etc..?
    I think this is just a few lines of code that specify the version that determines whether or not to open the library ..
    I'm sure there are experienced programmers who may be able to answer my questions and they can help me solve my doubts..
    Thank you all and Good Music!
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    I'm almost positive the instruments (.nki, .nkm files) are the ones that doesn't allow you to use a former version.
    Grab the original instruments (and always make a backup of them) and resave them with the 5.7 version
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