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    I have these Packs for exchange guys.


    SPIRAL - Zenheiser by Avan7 & Harmonyc
    SounDirective ILAI Progressive Psytrance Sample pack Vol.2
    Samples Talpa Vol.1/Vol.2
    RELATIV Psytrance Essentials Vol.1
    E-Clip Sample Pack
    Braincell Samples Pack
    GroundBass Sample Pack Merry Xmas
    Static Movement Psy Trance Samples
    Spectro Senses Progressive Psytrance
    ILAI Progressive Sample Pack
    Jillax Sample Pack Vol.1
    Jillax Sample Pack Vol.3 (Bass Edition)
    Presets & Samples Pack By Mergel
    - Futurephonic -
    Bass Trilogy by Alex Story
    Foundations By Virtual Light
    Foundations - Precious Metals
    Glitch Components By Nine Sense
    Matrix Loops By Divination
    Plasma Lifters by Chromatone
    Glid Elements By Tron Vol.1
    Glid Elements By Tron Vol.2
    - Yummy Tunes -
    Basscannon Sample Pack
    Progressive Psytrance by Mind Spin
    Progressive Vengeance by Vandeta
    Classic Full On Packge by Indra
    - SounDirective -
    ILAI Psogressive Sample Pack Vol.2
    Lyktum Psychedelic Dimensions Vol.1
    Spirit Architect Psychedellic Vaccine Vol.1
    - Pack Glitch -
    Cybernetics Samples
    Shadows Samples
    Spore Samples
    Teratoma Samples


    - Serum

    This is My Serum by Burn in Noise
    (presets and wavetables)
    Source Code 2.0 by Virtual Light
    (presets and wavetables)
    ILAI Genesis for Xfer Serum
    Intrinsic Nature for Serum By Inner State
    Rewind Serum Presets
    DM7 Serum Psychedelic Season Vol.1
    Jillax Serum Presets
    Mechanimal Serum Patches Vol.1
    NoizeBusters Injection
    Vertical Sounds 3 - Psyentific Serum
    Vertical Sounds 4 - Serum Psyence
    Voxtrohm Vol.1 by Backdohm
    Serum Psychedelic By Sakyamuni
    Glitch Serum Psytrance Mega Pack Vol.2
    Sonitum Records Mercury Serum Presets
    Ghosthack Psytrance Awekening for Serum
    Ghosthack Psytrance Awekening for Serum Vol.2
    Ghosthack Psytrance Awekening for Serum Vol.3
    Endeavour Psytrance for Serum Vol.6

    - Sylenth1

    Harmonic Rush Presets
    Icon Presets
    Spectro Senses - Zap Styles

    - Ana2

    This is My Sound by Burn in Noise - ANA 2
    Sonic Academy ANA 2 Presets Vol.6 Psy Trance
    Slate Digital Presets for ANA 2
    Slate Digital - Zardonic, Sevenn, Joe Ford, ESW X Keys

    - Discovery Pro

    Psychedelics Presets Vol.3/Vol.3 By Spectro Senses
    Doctor DoubleDrop Psytrance Vol.1/Vol2

    - Vital

    Mute Production Vital Psytance
    Ollie Vital Presets Pack
    (presets and wave tables)
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    hi,i wanted to have the Zenhiser Spiral Pack
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    I sent a message
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