promoting a song = cheating?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by samsome, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. samsome

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    For some reason all that promoting for big artists does not seem to bother me

    but as soon as i see someone new trying to push themselves up by paying youtube to promote their song or something like that...for example having 100,000 view on youtube and no comments or any likes, its like i don't feel ok with that

    is promoting = cheating for new unknown artists? unless you're a bit established?
  3. WhiteMidnightProductions

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    Back in the day the only way you could promote your song was sending them off to radio stations or by PAYING to have your song marketed (unless you had media distribution companies working with you). Promotion itself is just sort of cheating because real music is supposed to speak for itself but now with the advent of technology every song is sort of a drop in the ocean. Promotion allows for gaining incredible reach nowadays and whether you think that's only okay for "big artists" to do is your opinion. I think it's great because it could get anyone (with talent preferably) get discovered. Still think it's bad? Look at it this way. There will be one hit wonders and they'll fall off the grid if they can't follow through. All's well that ends well if new artists make you uneasy :v
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    Thread moved to "lounge" as "Working with sound " section is meant for technical questions about sound.
  5. mercurysoto

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    I believe that artists have a hard time stomaching the business side of art. In times of long gone past, there were A&R executives and promoters looking to monetarize from artists. The only way to "make it" was to be discovered, receive thousands of dollars in advance for a record that could hit the charts or simply tank. It didn't matter. The money generated by one mainstream artist that got promoted could easily pay for the other nine that never made it. Nowadays, creative people have to learn the skill of self promotion to hit popularity. the game has changed but the greed remains the same. Instruments like hits on youtube and likes in social media have replaced the backing a signed artist used to have. The real problem is that no one is footing the bill anymore. It has to be on your own dime. Of course, nowadays anyone can make a record on a laptop with iPhone earbuds, but high quality music production is still rather expensive, and so is effective exposure in the media. It's the nature of the beast.
  6. lovebeats

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    i often have read its technicle possible to buy likes on facebook, youtube, twitter, etc, who knows if some artists do that
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