Producer Box by Joachim Garraud [KICKSTARTER] $500 - $10000

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Worth it - Yeah or Nah?

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    I came across this through a tweet from Nervo.
    Interesting KickStarter by DJ/Producer Joachim Garraud of France who notably has helped David Guetta in many of his tracks, also worked with Deep Dish, Beyonce, Bob Sinclar, Kylie Minogue, Jean Michel Jarre and more.
    Obviously the whole KickStarter in my opinion has nothing original or hard to pull from any other producer. I guess it is just how many plugins developers and at least a DAW company you can round up to make a so-called "Producer Box". As usual, I'm not hating here, I'm just looking at the VALUE of investing about $500 for what's branded as the "Classic Producer Box" to as high as $10,000 for what's its called the "Inox Park Producer Trip To Paris".
    The package is designed around a 1TB HD and a MIDI Controller Keyboard which I think is more for the packing than to help :).

    Like any other project on KickStarter, the project needs to reach a certain amount of money to actually considered successful. This project will only be funded if at least $500,000 is pledged by Thu, Dec 31 2015 5:59 PM EST.
    At the time that I'm writing this post, the project is at $192,804

    So what's inside?
    Actually it depends on who you ask. The answer can go from "that ain't enough" to "woah, I want it". In my opinion I think it is quite good but the plugins options sort of lacking beside Sylenth1. However, on the other hand, it maybe of good value for producers who never own any of them at all!

    So, the question is... For $600, IS IT WORTH IT?

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