Processing Drum Samples

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by MJ, Mar 31, 2018.

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    Are you programming the drums or playing them? I've found that programmed drums seem to exagerate any sonic differences between samples. The same thing goes for pretty much any sampled instrument, but drums especially. Microtiming and natural dynamics from live performances add glue like none other. Even if it's just banging things on out your MIDI keyboard and editing it later... resist the urge to hit that quantize button! I've got nothing to add on the mixing front, lots of cool tips in here already.

    Seconded, thirded, and fourthed. OH MY GOD the Beech kit is gorgeous. That kick drum is the perfect mix of punch and fatness. Not a fan of the 17" hi-hats in the preset, but that's just pickin' nose hairs :bleh:
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