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    I turn to you because I can not get any further. I would like to invite the individual NI expansion teams into contact.
    I have already read here more often, that you can only load them with versions under 5.6.6 into the current contact, because you do not need Native Access.

    I'm new to MacOS and k'D Soft.
    Before I buy all the stuff from NI, I want to see everything first and try my hand at matter.
    I bought Logic and am happy with it and would like to continue using it as a host. Since NI supports Logic as a host I just want to use NI.

    By drial and error I have already managed the whole library in contact 5.?.? but since I installed everything from the beginning on the wrong path I have just deleted everything and started from scratch with structure so I find everything again and there is no request.

    Now I can not get the K'D files up and running.

    I contact z.b contact version 5.6.5 since this is the last one I have. 5.6.6 and the Portable seems to be only available for windows. and install it. then I copy the. vst into the file path ni-vst and the .component in NI-component. where does the .app come from? with windows she replaced the original .exe so it should also have this function with macos. So I copy the file into program / NI / contact and replace the original after clicking on the k'D .app comes the error message that the program can not be started.

    so also with guitar rig, FM8 etc.
    it seems that I am doing it wrong. Only what am I doing wrong.

    Can someone help me please. and sorry for my english ^^ THX