Pro Tools 12.5 Zero Sound / Timer Moving Many Times Slower Than Norm

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by fsworx, Apr 17, 2018.

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    This is the specific
    Avid Pro Tools HD v12.5.0.395 WIN X64 READ NFO-AudioUTOPiA

    On my Windows 10 computer I load up PTools and my problem begins on my first attempt to play back/record. The Timer/clock moves at what seems to be 10-20% of normal speed (seconds) and no sound can played back ( or recorded properly :( ).

    That instance only lasted until I restarted the program. I have used It continuously in 2 separate instances without major hiccup. Earlier today It happened again briefly, afterwards I continued with it. I am coming back from a nap after hours of seamless usage and the problem has reoccurred and i cannot break free from it.

    I did not have any problems on my Windows 8.1 Computer previous to this Windows 10 computer.

    Compatibility mode for windows 8 is blockaded by error and all other compatibility modes inhibit Protools from starting completely. (7/vista/vista1+2)

    Any ideas or advice would be greatly received. I am new to having equipment worthy of programs and plugins common the this site/forum-users, so any guidance is a direct influence for my progression.

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    While i was typing this and researching, I restarted the computer again and yet again it is working. So i guess I am seeking guidance as to if there is a fix for this or if i should reinstall/download new.
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    I have no problem with win 10
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