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Discussion in 'Logic' started by Frubbs, Feb 20, 2019.

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    I recently had a drive failure and used the opportunity to update my OS to Sierra from Yosemite (don’t ask). I’d been troubleshooting a corrupted AU cache just before it went down, so retaining that info was, alas, not an option. When I reinstalled, and updated Logic from 10.3 to 10.4.1, I anticipated losing a number of plugins, presumably older ones that had never been updated, but I wasn’t prepared for the wholesale AU bloodbath I encountered – at least a hundred plugins down in Logic, including many up-to-date versions (I’m not including Waves - I know their v10 has its own problems). I’ve lost everything from Bob Perry, Boz Digital, Full Bucket, Fuse, HOFA, Hornet, MusicLab, Sound Radix, Zynaptic. In some cases old plugins run OK but any new installations don’t authorize (Analog Obsession, Audio Assault, Plugin Alliance). Other devs, like Sonalksis, run in other DAWs and utilities but now fail in Logic. In all cases I’m using only 64-bit plugins, and for all of them an attempt to do a clean installation from original RAR files yielded the same results. In almost all cases the plugins in question pass authorization in the Logic plugin manager, but then fail due to “couldn’t be opened”.

    I realize a lot of these are require a codesign mod to pass the authorization gatekeeper in Logic. But all the accounts I’ve read of that process sound very labour-intensive and time-consuming. Am I missing something? I just installed about 20 different Plugin Alliance packages (mostly R2R warez) from various devs, and the global PA license for them crashes every single one, in many cases updates of plugins that had been working fine in the updated OS/DAW – but I’m not seeing any complaints about this here or on the sister site, so I’m wondering if there’s some other factor I’m not aware of. Have Logic users been having to do the whole codesign thing for every plugin under Sierra/High Sierra/Mojave? Does anyone have any suggestions before I pull out what’s left of my hair?
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    Hey man been in the same situation last december, drive failed had to get a new one and let me tell you it was a pain in the a** to validate all the plugins. Some permissions might be messed up you can try the app permissions reset and drag your drive, also can try the AU Validation Tool. What worked for me was to run this terminal code "sudo spctl --master-disable" that disables gatekeeper after all working you can activate again then using the AU validation tool. Good luck!
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    Don't use the same plugin, but for sure Boz Digital and Sonalksys work properly. latest plugin alliance authorize correctly. i'm on Sierra 10.12.6 running Logic pro X 10.4.4 everything is rock steady honestly. the only one i couldn't instaled was the Hofa (in my case). Did you disable SIP? Screen Shot .jpg
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