Plug Ins are randomly turning back to there default state after transfering my plugins from an exter

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    begin rant now:
    A month ago I accidentally partitioned my internal drive and fucked it up beyond repair. I made a copy of the drive with carbon copy cloner to an external, then wiped my internal. Unfortunately i didnt format the external correctly and therefore it wasnt bootable. So i had to manually transfer my applications, plugins, and application support folders. When I started up live for the first time half my plug ins acted as if they had not been authorized. I found that i had missed some preference files and after moving them 95% of my plug ins work fine.

    But there are a few still not working and now some plug ins that are working will randomly turn to there default state. A phase plant patch that i had worked on for 3 hours just vanished. Sometimes i forget to immediately save patches but live still will open up to them after returning from a crash usually. 2 other Plug ins so far have defaulted and Im trying to figure out if there are still files for the plug ins that i missed while transferring, or if Live is just spazzing out. If anyone can help It would save me so much time and frustration. Thanks!

    The drive that i backed up to orignally got formatted to Mac OS extended. To be bootable it needs to be APFS. My intelligence kicked in again because i realized i never even tried to see if i could reformat the drive to make it bootable. So i guess that is an option if i cant troubleshoot the specific files.

    end rant:
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