Pianist / Keyboardist Needed for a Simple Part

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by BiG Pluck, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. BiG Pluck

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    Jun 15, 2020
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    Hey guys, I'm a Bassist who's in need of someone who can lay down a Rhodes track for me & forward the Midi file to me. It's an old R&B track that I've been in love with since it's release back in '80.
    Here's the YouTube link to the song.

    Thanx in advance.

    -BiG Pluck
  3. Smoove Grooves

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    Jan 26, 2019
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    Digging this slow jam!
    I don't mind giving you just the audio, and I can do it over the weekend sometime. I'd create a click to the track, which is what you'd have to do at your end too.
    But MIDI is a thing I don't give out freely. Only my time!
    Let me know if that's still of use.
  4. Haherrera

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    Sep 13, 2020
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    Hi. Spanish pianist. I can play the ini part of the song in midi and send you the track. Then, you'll have to choose your
    audio instrument for export. Let me know if you are giving me more details or material. Do you want I keep the same
    pitch? can you give me the correct tempo (i fear YouTube cannot be very precise). My whatsapp 0034 654348944 my email
    [email protected].
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