Phase Cancelling Vocals so only the instrumental is exported?

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by Helvetica, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Helvetica

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    Hi all! I've made multiple DIY Acapellas by Phase Cancellation, I subtract the instrumental by using a Dub or Official Instrumental version of the track I want to get the Acapella, use the Knockout VST and then export it as Stereo.

    The thing is, that now I'd like to get the inverse result, I'd like to get the Instrumental of a track that contains an Acapella.

    The question is, if you have the Studio Acapella, and the Original Track, is it possible to make Phase Cancellation work by just inverting the Vocal + Original Track, or does it have to be two Audio files of the Original Track tweaked in order to get the instrumental as an export?



  3. Blorg

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    If you have both Full_Mix & Vocals_Track used in Full_Mix,
    Vocals_Track already has all the processing applied to it in Full_Mix,
    then it should be simple.
  4. fraifikmushi

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    In theory it is possible, in reality it turns out not to work that well. Mainly because of fx etc used to stage the vocals in the mix like reverb etc.
  5. Brian Code

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    Audionamix offers some helpful software that can remove vocals. I have used TRAX Pro 3 and XTRAX Stems to remove vocals and it does a decent job, though TRAX Pro 3 has more of a learning curve.

    Here is a demo video of XTRAX STEMS:
  6. Tyler Fingerle

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    I've just recently done this for one of my songs. During production I added a background vocal that in post production I didn't like, but I no longer had access to the original file (it's a long story involving my laptop getting stolen...) so since I knew where to find the original sample that I used, I downloaded it, dropped it into my project, inverted it, and spent about 30 mins aligning it up JUST right, that it actually phased it out completely, so I know that this does work.


    You have to consider my scenario though, I obtained the exact sound file I used in my song, this includes sample size, and bit rate. The closer that it is to the original, the better. It also takes a long time to align the tracks properly. If the vocal file you have is a "dry" sample, then you'll probably have to find the "wet" version, or chances are that it won't work at all. If you can't find the wet version, then you can try inverting the dry sample and adding vocal effects in hopes to phase it out to an inaudible level, but it would be extremely time consuming.

    I know that it is possible, because i've done it many times intentionally (but usually unintentionally)
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