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    hi, i want to start this Thread because i think it would be Great to make a List of Favorite Plugins from the Members in this Forum.
    There are many many Hardware Emulations out there and i want to know whats you Favorite in each Category.
    It would be great when you Copy and Paste this list, delete previous answers and post your Favorite .
    Please give only one Answer .

    if i should have forgotten a category feel free to add it

    When there are some Plugin Emulations that are you dont use, leave this text line empty .

    This would be the List :

    Channel Strips:
    SSL : SSL Native Channel Strip 2
    Api : Plugin Alliance Lindell 50 Channel
    Neve : Plugin Alliance Lindell 80 Channel

    1176 :Arturia Comp Fet-76
    DBX 160 :Arturia Comp VCA-65
    API :Waves API-2500
    Fairchild 670 :Waves Puigchild 670
    LA2A :Native Instruments VC2A
    SSL :SSL Native Bus Comp 2

    1073 :Black Rooster VPRE-73
    Passive :Native Instruments Passive EQ
    Pultec :Tube Tech PE 1C

    Limiter :Softube Weiss Limiter

    Tape Machine :Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine
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  3. Stuck In The 80s

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    You need to list 6 compressors?

    Choosing a singular favourite in each category forces an interesting choice.
    Allowing multiple choices for each category by definition means none of them are favourites.

    These are plugins remember... you're not been forced to choose your favourite child.

    If you're not going to make the choice more difficult, you may as well have asked for "give me a list of every plugin you can think of for each category".

    Doubtless that's what those people who like making lists will do anyway.
  4. Spirit

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    Nov 1, 2016
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    That's what he did... each of those 6 compressors is his favourite in each category of compressor emulations.
  5. dondada

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    Jan 2, 2015
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    it would be pretty dumm just for the sake of feeling smug
    to choose 1 comp
    so what? hard knee, soft knee, what about limiting or multiband.
    "noisy" or clean

    btw you failed to mention your fave Mr. Yawn

    i like SSLs 4k and softube 9k (as you know ;))
    but i mostly catogirize by usecase not type

    like, "harder" accoustic drums for DnB or G.A. NY hip hop Api 560B
    creates the sound i like very quick.
    then...... the list gets quite expansive quite fast:rofl:
  6. Ŧยχøя

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    Dec 15, 2020
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    I'm not a frequent user of analog modeled stuff, (except for Elysia..)
    but these stand out to me:

    Master Bus: Elysia Alpha Comp (obligatory)

    SSL Comp: Bx_Townhouse (or just the offical ssl comp)
    Opto: Tubetech CL-1B (although TLA-100A is good too)
    Tube: MJUC (although Kazrog Dynamics is great too)
    Vari-Mu: IK Dyna-MU
    DBX: Arturia VCA-65
    Neve: Arturia Diode-609
    Distressor: Arousor (better than Waves or IK version imo)

    I still don't have a favorite Fairchild, or 1176 emu.. (maybe they're not my type.. :dunno:)
    But Softube FET is really unique, so it could be on a different category than usual 1176's

    Tape Sim: TR5-440 or Slate, depending on the style/project..

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