Pakito - Living On Video "Sound"

Discussion in 'how to make "that" sound' started by Erald Lesi, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Jun 24, 2018
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    Hello guys, I was wondering how can I create the synth that comes in 00:17.

  3. Impressive

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    Are you talking about the lead synth that goes the entire song? If so, that can easily be done in any synth. If you have DIVA, here's a preset I made for it:
    Originally it was a simple moog-lead preset I made for a dreamscapey song called "Sky Sailing" back in April of 2016 under the name "Everlasting Friday" but I never released the song. However, you got the preset. Please disregard the stupid copyright message in the preset description. You can use this preset for whatever you like just as long as you don't intentionally murder anyone with it. Which I'm pretty confident that won't happen. :wink::mates:

    Hope this helps :hug:
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