Overlapping frequencies question

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by samsome, Sep 7, 2018.

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    I downloaded the Sia Cheap Thrills multitrack..

    i seen the frequencies of all the instruments on an analyzer

    theré's so many overlapping frequencies but still it sounds ok unless i'm reading them wrong.

    Can someone help me understand this, also for example look at the vocal below


    this is the voice of michael jackson in they don't care about us (acapella)

    if it takes all that space how would it be possible to add anything else? it does not make sense to me..

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    Can you guys please stop mixing by using oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers?
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    that blue line that you see is an estimated average.

    I do hower support the use of analyzers, but you have to visualize what it is you are looking at.
  5. Fever, sore throat and feel at death's door...no energy for the real answer...

    This is a very sparse mix, not many instruments so the vox can be as it was recorded with just slight cuts if any at all on anything else. There is a huge hole in the center for his voice to sit with just a keyboard part with lots of verb to contrast his without. It does sound to me though that there us hardly any bottom end of his voice. It sounds to me a mic with lots of air like a Sony 800g and definately not an SM7b. That graphic doesn't seem correct.

    Edit...that accapella is not a stem, it is processed to grab it out of a full mix and sounds phasey with lots of artefacts. You cannot go by it to make a judgement.
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    not all overlapping frequencies are problems. some frequencies will be in phase, some will not be loud enough to cause problems, some will be not so important for our brains to hear the element.
    it is important to use your ears along with the analyzer. a spectrum analyzer is a powerful tool, but should not be relied on alone.
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