On the hunt for a specific music track in an old thread here somewhere

Discussion in 'Conversations About Good Music' started by Mr. X, Jan 25, 2021.

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    Some years ago I landed on a thread where some guy asked how a music track possibly was created. I remember that he was amazed and he couldn't figure out how the music was made, how it was crafted to sound the way it sounded.

    At the time I listened to maybe 10 seconds of the track and I thought, "Hm, this sounds complex and advanced - plus some extra magic. And yeah, that's some skills right there, how did they achieve that?". But I left it at that and went to do something else.

    I never forgot the "experience" though, and now after all this time my curiosity has grown and I "need" to find that thread. The track really had a special thing about it I guess, some magic if you will.

    Maybe someone here knows what I'm talking about..?
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    Sorry for you, you didnĀ“t seize the opportunity and now the magic is gone. Maybe if you hear that music now it simply sounds awful to you.
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