Omnisphere Catalina help?

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    Sep 3, 2020
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    this is beating me I had downloaded this and here's my thing

    -on Mac catalina

    I don't have anything installed...completely clean of Omnisphere.

    -start the steps and all is going good till it says to look for the VST or Component. they aren't in the folder.
    -so I figured that maybe its because I don't have a previous version , so I installed a previous version that works. (2.3.2) then
    I proceeded but where I'm stopped is that the AU and VST inside the plugin folders and they patch failed. I put it in a folder with full read/write access....and nothing. I even manually did them entering them (package contents) and nothing. that's where I'm at if anyone can help

    -I used crossover....didnt work....I used parallels and no dice
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