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    Finally Kontakt 6 being used for it's new feature ...Wave Tables!

    New Instrumment in the works! Meet Pathfinder WT
    Meet pathfinder WT, our upcomming Wavetable Synthesizer for Kontakt -


    Pathfinder WT, A fully realized classic wavetable synth instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. An inspiring and intuitive go-to instrument for a variety of detailed sounds! Such has, bread-and-butter harsh and grungy wavetable style leads and basslines, deep evolving tones and pads, dynamic morphing melodies and out of this world effects – wrapped in a simple and easy to follow design.
    Integrates wonderfully with all your Native Instruments software and hardware such as Maschine and Komplete Kontrol.

    Pathfinder WT works on free and full versions of Kontakt Player
    2 Wavetable Oscillators with 1500 Waveforms
    Pathfinder WT comes PACKED with 15 full wavetable of both morphing and multiple-cycle types, with a whopping 1500 cycles in total


    Wave-shaping 13 algorithms used for the wavetable phase warping


    And Lots more... A Few sounds and sneakpeaks:

    Pathfinder WT will be officially announced soon! at https://oceanswift.net/
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