Novation Introduces LaunchKey MK3 MIDI

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    Novation has given its Ableton Live optimized LaunchKey MIDI Controller Series in Mk3 a makeover with a new design, new creative features & more. Novation has completely revised its famous LaunchKey keyboard MIDI controller series and released it as MK3. Like the renewed LaunchKey Mini, the LaunchKey range has also been given the new simple but modern design. There are four different versions: one with 25, 49 and 61 and a completely new version with 37 keys that enables two-handed play. The latter could well become a big seller since the market of 37 keys MIDI controller is relatively small and especially it is suitable for many.
    All four versions have 8 rotary encoders, 8×2 pads perfect for launching loops in your DAW (Logic Pro X, Ableton Live…), and an upgraded display that offers significantly more space to display information. The larger 49 and 61 come with an additional 9 faders. It will be available soon and costs: 169€ (LK25), 199€ (LK37), 229€ (LK49) & 279€ (LK61)

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