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Discussion in 'Working with Video' started by OrganizedQ, Feb 24, 2021.

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    Hey everyone ! :) I'm interested in knowing how this type of imagery is made. For me, it looks super intricate and , well, hard to make... But maybe there are some of you who are not impressed with it. I'm curious what you think. :)

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    If I knew how, I would be making some crazy ass porn videos. Crazy Crack Films.
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    i like it.
    looks like its been made with photoshop + aftereffects + premier.

    some simple 3d app have been used to make those abstract shapes.
    honestly looks like the person that made it just started with making 3d, and using displacemen maps "badly". since it looks like what i've done myself in the past lol :P

    the "stock fottage videos" thats been used, seem too ugly compared to the fashion shot and the 3d, but they probably ran out of time to meet the deadline.

    you can learn how to do this kind of thing from youtube vids. seriously.
    start out simple. build your way up

    i would startout by learning
    "how to animate mask's in aftereffects"
    "how to make abstract 3d shapes in blender"

    (blender is a free 3d app)
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  5. OrganizedQ

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    reliefsan, THANK YOU !!! <3
    I know about Blender, I've had the intention to dig into it since like 2015... In the meantime Blender has gotten even bigger ! I guess I've been delaying the study because, well... honestly, it looks really intimidating. :woot:
    As for Knight's Fashion Film, I was impressed with the "unreal" imagery, that's what drew my attention, hadn't seen such effects before. But your explanations help a lot ! :winker:
    I'm not a big fan of Premiere & After Effects, so I will keep the Blender possibility in mind. Thank you once again ! :)
    Oh, I would be interested in seeing your work, as you said you've done things in the past. If it's not private, of course. :P
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