Nice and Punchy Acoustic Drum samples from the early 2000s

Discussion in 'samples' started by ScrewStache, Jul 6, 2020.

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    After watching a few anime series from the early 2000s and listening to their OP/EN theme repeatedly. I noticed that some of the drum tracks sounded like they were programmed. I was amazed when I found this out because the drums were not only programmed really well but the sound they produced was amazing! Beautiful, crisp, hard-hitting drums that can work with any genre of music! Take a listen for yourself!

    Now before any of you jump to conclusions and say "These sound like live recordings" Listen VERY closely!
    I'm 100% positive that the drum tracks in these four songs are programmed.

    I'm assuming that these drums are from some old sample cd since these songs were made in I'd say from 99-01. I would greatly appreciate it if any of you could identify the sample cd(s) that contains these drums samples. If that's impossible I would love to hear any suggestions to drum sample cds that have the same punchiness and liveliness as the ones heard in these four songs.

    Thank you!
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    Try Korg Triton
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